Gettin After It!

There is always a bit of trepidation every time I go and enter another photo contest. I am continually looking for that Holy Grail of contests that lead me to a gallery show a book review and movie! Right! I have learned over the past year about the hucksters and con artists driving this new wave of imaging. It never used to be like this. A serious photographer would gather all their images together and go off to the big city to be rejected going  from one gallery to another, being left on the street feeling lost and dejected. Now you can feel totally rejected in an email. The best part is you can feel dejected in the warm comfort of your own bed!  Worst part is you shell out a little here a little there just to get that Dear John letter. They nickel dime you to death! Then in the off chance you actually win, the thrill of winning is dampened by the fact that you have to shell out a somewhat larger sum of cash to have them print, matt and frame your image to be shown in the show that will be seen by thousands if not millions of fine art photography patrons. So now you are out a tidy sum of cash realizing you did not win the big prize but are happy to have received the accolades and know your work is going to be seen with other work of similar caliber. Then, you want to know who actually won, like winning is the end game to this whole thing, and see with your very own eyes the grand prize winner! A sunset with lonely people in the corner of the picture, or a cute puppy  underwater shot, grabbing his favorite cat from drowning. Ahhhhhhhh the photo contest. On top of that, you  start to realize that these people are not in the business to actually sell your work. They have already made their money off of you the aspiring artist looking for that special moment. If you are hoping for a sale you have better odds at the lottery. So why am I doing this again? God knows. This one I am convinced is different. It's from Europe, It's five galleries together. I think, ok give it a shot, who knows I could get a movie deal out of this, or at least make some money. Or at the very least, get that email that I won and isn't that what we really crave the most? To be recognized? To be seen! It validates all the work. Right?....... So, for the chance to be seen in Europe I give you the four images submitted to the Holland Curcuit 2014.... Blood Sweat and Tears..

Chicken fight in Ili Xinjiang, Xibo Village

Chess Game in Haizhu Square, Guangzhou, China

Xian Cun Village under siege. Guangzhou China