What the Girls Won't Do for Curls

 Girls and curls.... peanut butter and jelly, Currier and Ives... they go together. It's a natural thing where I come from. More so if you live in a humid environment. But China... Curls on a girl are about as foreign as american football. The girls in China will do anything to get a little curl in their long straight hair. Hair that is as rigid to curl as steel is to bend. It is truly a labor of the most intense kind. I have been a witness to various forms of torture to put the slightest bit of curl upon their heads and no other curling machine says torture like the curling machine I encountered the other evening in Kangle Cun. When I arrived there were several girls under the curling machine. They were told to sit still. The boys ran around checking connections and giving a tug, offering encouragement and doing what all great hairdressers do... play play play!  

Curling the Hair
Are we having fun yet?