How High is the CO2 Mama? 400ppm and risin'

No one needs to convince me that we are in a pickle when it comes to pollution. I don't even need to look out my window in the morning to know how bad it is. I can taste the air in my mouth. Traces of coal dust and metal I think it was two days ago. Yet no one, myself included, seems to be doing anything about it. Or doing anything to alleviate the poison soup we all seem to be living in. The reason is I think, is that we don't know and are not willing to stop what we are doing to the planet. As a friend of mine pointed out the other day, we are addicted to our gadgets and energy that keeps us comfortable. In the meantime my comfort is causing a permanent hack. I seriously think at times I am working on a lung disease without even trying.

Just west of Guangzhou is a heavily industrialized area call Foshan. This is what it looks like on any given day. What's the point of washing your clothes when all you do is hang them to dry in this? I tell you... Tis a worry....

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