The Sun The Sun!!

For the first time in over 3 months the sun decided to peek it's head out from the smog and fog of Guangzhou. For just a brief moment people were smiling again. People were telling jokes and laughing, yes actually laughing! Then ... the sun went away. It is gone now. Life has become a joyless exercise in living again. So ... sad. 

But! for the brief moment the sun was out, I took out the 4x5 and decided to work on my urban landscapes. When it comes to 4x5 work I am quite rusty. I don't shoot the 4x5 very often. I love using it though. I have a 65mm lens that I use all the time. I like the super wide angle and when I do these cityscapes I want as much in the picture as possible.

I use a very basic Shin Hao field camera with a wide angle bellows. Sometimes when the lens is squished up against the back of the camera it is difficult to work the swings and tilts. 

My first experience using 4x5 was back in the 70s at the New England School of photography. I learned on a very heavy Calumet. I dragged that thing all over Boston shooting anything that was interesting though architecture was not one of those interesting things. 

I find now that I am doing this small series from the roof tops of buildings I am fascinated with the way Guangzhou is laid out. 

These images were done yesterday and I have to admit I feel very much the idiot when it comes to the swings and tilts sometimes. All I can say is thank you photo shop for covering up the small mistakes I make frequently. 

From the small series Antizen City.....