Tsunamis of many millions of the colored peoples.

Zigzagging through winding rivers of asphalt and concrete.  

Haves no haves a tapestry. 

All the same... ness. rigid, unyielding... robotic... ness

Screaming, whining  

Taxis grind 

Dry cleaned money. 

Downtown. Coats and ties. Designer faces.

Duck and goose. Pork  good too.  

Pulsating resonating, ringing  leathered footsteps  

pound worn pavement.

Tribal rhythms. Jackhammers too.

On the corner of Gucci and Versace.

Buried faces, mesmerized

Egod is talking.

Empty emo...tions echo. Ah hahahaha



Wafting across canyons of glass and steel.

Having too much is never enough.

You want rice or noodle. Lemon tea ok today. Milk tea ok. 

Finish then pay ok....


hk 410028.jpg